Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Am I a number ?

TTTRRRrriiiinnnngggggg.....its the shout of my alarm clock at 6AM, typical Bangalore monday morning, I get ready for the office, push off from my house, everything seems normal, on both sides of the road, I see bunch of IT professionals waiting for their respective company cabs, then, I took a second look & found that each one of them is tagged with a Badge ID. While some of the badges are hanging around their neck, others are decorated at the waistlines. These Badge IDs are their identities for their place of work. This abovesaid bunch includes me too and getting tagged with a unique number is not new to me. My story of tagging was being started even before I appeared on this planet when I was being tagged in the hospital as a unique medical case number. After that, anything I did, everywhere I went, I was associated with a unique number. In the school, I was one unique admission number, when I broke my tooth while playing and was admitted in the clinic, I was a unique patient number. When I waited outside a restaurant for dinner, I was a unique visitor number, so is the case while issuing of the driver's license when I was associated with a unique DL when I am working I am again a unique employee number...sometimes I think, can't I survive without being associated with any number???


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