Friday, March 31, 2006

Spelling mistake in Yahoo

This is the first time I came across any trivial mistake as this spelling error ("attractive" misspelled as "attactive") in the otherwise wonderful Yahoo!...I hope this soon will be rectified.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Am I a number ?

TTTRRRrriiiinnnngggggg.....its the shout of my alarm clock at 6AM, typical Bangalore monday morning, I get ready for the office, push off from my house, everything seems normal, on both sides of the road, I see bunch of IT professionals waiting for their respective company cabs, then, I took a second look & found that each one of them is tagged with a Badge ID. While some of the badges are hanging around their neck, others are decorated at the waistlines. These Badge IDs are their identities for their place of work. This abovesaid bunch includes me too and getting tagged with a unique number is not new to me. My story of tagging was being started even before I appeared on this planet when I was being tagged in the hospital as a unique medical case number. After that, anything I did, everywhere I went, I was associated with a unique number. In the school, I was one unique admission number, when I broke my tooth while playing and was admitted in the clinic, I was a unique patient number. When I waited outside a restaurant for dinner, I was a unique visitor number, so is the case while issuing of the driver's license when I was associated with a unique DL when I am working I am again a unique employee number...sometimes I think, can't I survive without being associated with any number???

Akshit & I

Monday, March 20, 2006

Get away from my way !

Sunday, March 19, 2006

No, they are not my office colleagues :(

Miss India-Universe Neha Kapoor, Miss India-World Natasha Suri (left) and Miss India-Earth Amrita Patki (right)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Welcome to the summers here in Bangalore, India. Surely this amazing lemon splash will provide some relief. Enjoy!

India Gate

Ricky Mehra

Friday, March 17, 2006

M Night Shyamalan is back

If you are an M Night Shyamalan fan like me, then you must be eagerly awaiting for his next movie "Lady in the Water". But before that you must take a look at Shyamalan's latest two minute commercial shot at two restaurants in Manhattan for American Express for its My Life My Card series. Shyamalan treated his first commercial like a short film, casting Broadway and film actors.

Watch commercial

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Poetic Resignation

The name is good, the brand is big
But the work I do is that of a pig
The work or the brand; what is my way?
I don't know if I should stay.

To work, they have set their own way
Nobody will care to hear what I say
My will be NULL, they wont change their way
I don't know if I should stay.

The project is in a critical stage
But to do good work, this is the age
This dilemma is killing me day by day
I don't know if I should stay.

The money is good, the place is great
But the development is at a very small rate
Should I go for the work, or wait for pay
I don't know if I should stay!

The managers don't know what they talk
The team doesn't know where they walk
That's a bad situation, what say?
I don't know if I should stay.

I can go to any other place
But what if I get the same disgrace
I can't keep switching day by day
I don't know if I should stay.

The -ves are more, the +ves are less
Then why have this unnecessary mess
No more will I walk their way,
It's all done, I won't stay.

Thanks & Regards

Reply: What I want to say? (Manager)

The decision is good or decision is bad
Only God knows still I am glad
Keep moving in life that is what I can say

If you feel right go in the same way
May god give you the work, the challenge you want
Anyway there is always a second chance
Chances are there, grab them snatch them
That is what I can say

Keep on jumping companies to get more and more and more....
That will keep you always a fore (Even to me)
From my experience I can tell you
Being in software development is like taking hell out of you
You are frustrated since you have no quality work
And you were frustrated because you had quantity work

It's always like that previous job was better than the current one
And expects the new job will be much better than this one
But what you get is a frustration level up to sun
Than you will again send the resignation like this one
This is all what I want to say

Have you completed all the formalities?
Filled the form and got it signed from department humanities (HR)
At last I appreciate your contribution to the company
Even though there was not any....

You will keep a copy of this with you for FYI
Don't feel shy
As I also got it some time back from my old manager say Hi....
That is all what I want to say.

Thanks & Regards

While exploring flickr I came across this beautiful image of water being exploding out of the glass as if trying to break the shackles and wander aimlessly.

It is somewhat same thats going thru my mind, me too want to explode, want to come out of this conditioned life but wait there is another aspect; once the water is out of the glass, it is directionless, unaware of where to go, can take any shape of any container, atleast the glass is providing it a meaningful shape.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Down the Memory Lane

It was the chilly winter morning of 3rd January 1980 in New Delhi, India. All the members of the Mehra family were present at the Irwin Hospital in Delhi, worried and apprehensive, but soon their apprehension was changed into excitement and happiness.....I was born.

I started speaking very early but it took me much longer to start speaking sense. My parents say I started walking at the age of 1 but I think it’s only now that I have learnt to stand on my feet.

I too had the universal habit of infants to put everything in their mouth, although I could never figure out why. One day in the kitchen, when I saw my mom screaming on seeing a big spider, then I realized that spiders are objects of fear.

When I was around four years old, I was pushed into an institution which grinds you for 13-14 years; they call it school. This was the place where I spent half my life. I reminisce my school mornings; my mom forcibly waking me up; I dressing up in school uniform in 15 minutes flat; taking the school bus; humming the school prayer; doing the morning drill and singing the National Anthem; before the first period. I and my friend used to empty our lunch boxes in the first period, so that we could have a taste of other's dishes in the actual lunch break. Though she never succeeded, my teacher tried all permutations and combinations to arrange my seat partners so that the class was not disturbed with our constant blabbering.

Fortunately, mine was a co-ed school. Once we went for a school picnic to the beautiful Sona Lake for boating. There I felt something that I had never felt before. Those were the days of adolescence; I wanted to drown in those feelings, to be in the company of that someone special. Yes! I was on cloud nine. That month our home telephone bill shot up and I just managed to get passing marks in the exams. The encounter with her Rambo brother brought me back on earth.

Then came the CBSE board results, and I was exhilarated on scoring 99% marks in Mathematics. My dad’s first reaction to this was “Where did you loose one mark?” As I looked elsewhere, there was this ad on television “Yeh dil mangey more…Aha”.

Suddenly my life changed from black & white to color....I passed out of my school and got admission to Delhi University. No more I needed to wear the same uniform daily, or carry my heavy school bag with the water bottle. Now I was free. I was thrown into a whole new world with colorful people and pretty faces. On the first day itself, I was being ragged in front of a thousand eyeballs, when I proposed to a young girl who is now a top model. Those days were a cocktail of fun, parties, movies, picnics, adventure, and night outs. I was oozing with confidence, energy and enthusiasm. I was Superman!!!

After my graduation, I went for my masters. This was the time when I learnt to stand up on my feet. While organizing various national level cultural, sporting and technical events, it dawned on me that people are the most complex as well as the most valuable resource when working in a team. More insights like these matured me from a boy to a man.

Memories like these and more are the most cherished things in my life. I consider them to be one of those things in life that are priceless, for everything else there is MasterCard.